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status: complete

program: private residence

This old-fashioned ’90’s house is transformed into a contemporary home. Existing walls and openings are demolished in order to create an open plan lay-out. The connection between living, dining and cooking is optimised. 

The wooden plant wall creates a lively feeling in the home. The wall is modular and the planters can be placed everywhere on the wall.  

The free standing steel kitchen island with floating stainless steel counter top creates spaciousness. The kitchen has a hidden door to the scullery.  

The industrial elements, like the steel kitchen and stairs, in the house melt together beautifully with the wooden plant wall and plants.

design: MxM architecture + design

project management: MxM architecture + design

flooring: CheZZ flooring

wall finishing: MVH stucadoors

stairs: Metaal Art

gross floor area: 160 m2


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